Visa Infinite Credit Card: The Ultimate Guide

So you’re interested in the Visa Infinite credit card, huh? Smart move. This prestigious card is loaded with luxury travel perks and rewards that will make you feel like royalty. But before you get too excited, there are a few things you should know to make sure this premium card is the right fit for your lifestyle and spending habits. In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the Visa Infinite card so you can decide if it’s worth the high annual fee. Spoiler alert: for the right person, the perks and rewards can far outweigh the cost. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself as we explore how this luxury card can open you up to a world of exclusive benefits and experiences. By the end of this guide, you’ll know if the Visa Infinite card deserves a spot in your wallet.

Welcome Offers and Benefits of the Visa Infinite Credit Card

Visa Infinite Credit Card

Congratulations on your new Visa Infinite card! This premium credit card comes with some amazing welcome offers and benefits you’ll want to take advantage of.

To start, you’ll earn 60,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 in the first 3 months. That’s enough for a roundtrip flight or a nice hotel stay. The rewards don’t stop there – you’ll get 3 points for every $1 spent on travel and dining and 1 point per $1 on everything else.

Visa Infinite also provides travel perks galore. Enjoy complimentary airport lounge access, a $250 annual travel credit, and Visa’s 24/7 concierge service. The concierge can help with just about anything – dinner reservations, event tickets, travel recommendations, you name it.

For shopping, you’ll receive exclusive offers and discounts with Visa’s Luxury Hotel Collection. Get the best available rate at over 900 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. You also get special perks like room upgrades, dining credits, and spa treatments.

On top of that, Visa Infinite provides premium protection for your purchases. Get extended warranty coverage, return guarantee, and purchase security in case of theft or damage. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your new purchases are well protected.

Between the generous welcome bonus, travel benefits, shopping perks, and purchase protection, the Visa Infinite card provides exceptional value for frequent travelers and shoppers. Take advantage of all it has to offer and enjoy living the high life!

Earning Points With the Visa Infinite Credit Card

The Visa Infinite card makes it easy to rack up points for amazing rewards. Here are some of the best ways to earn points:

•Use it for everyday spending. You’ll get 3 points for every $1 you spend on dining, entertainment and travel, and 1 point per $1 on all other purchases. Those little expenses like your morning coffee or weekly grocery trip can add up quick.

•Take advantage of bonus point offers. Visa frequently runs special promotions where you can earn extra points for shopping at certain stores or for certain types of purchases. Be on the lookout for these bonus offers and you can earn points even faster.

•Refer friends and family. When someone you refer opens a new Visa Infinite card and makes their first purchase, you’ll earn 10,000 bonus points. Refer as many people as you want – there’s no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn.

•Look for point multipliers. Occasionally, Visa Infinite will run point multiplier promotions where you can earn 2x, 3x or even 5x the normal points for purchases at select merchants or in certain spending categories. Activate the offer and watch your points balance skyrocket.

•Take advantage of the annual bonus. Each year on your account anniversary, you’ll earn bonus points just for being a loyal cardholder. The bonus amount varies but is usually around 10,000-15,000 points. That’s an easy way to earn a big chunk of points every 12 months just for using your card like you normally do.

With a little effort and by taking advantage of all the ways to boost your points, you’ll be swimming in rewards in no time thanks to your Visa Infinite card. The opportunities to earn are endless if you make the most of this premium card.

Redeeming Points for Rewards

Visa Infinite Credit Card Redeeming Points for Rewards

Once you’ve earned points with your Visa Infinite card, it’s time for the fun part—redeeming them for rewards! You’ve got lots of options to choose from, so check out what’s available and pick what suits you best.


Use your points to book flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and more. The number of points needed depends on factors like destination, travel dates, and class of service. You can book travel on the Chase Ultimate Rewards website or by calling them directly. For the best value, look for travel redemptions—they’re usually worth at least 1 cent per point.

Cash Back

If travel isn’t your thing, redeem your points for straight cash back. 10,000 points are worth $100 in cash. You can get the cash back deposited directly into your bank account, credited to your card statement, or issued as a check. While simple, cash back usually provides the lowest value per point.

Gift Cards

Choose from gift cards for popular stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and streaming services. Redemption rates vary but are often around 1 cent per point. Some current options include:

  • Amazon – Starts at 2,500 points for $25
  • Starbucks – Starts at 2,500 points for $25
  • Netflix – Starts at 5,000 points for $50
  • Best Buy – Starts at 5,000 points for $50


If you prefer material goods over experiences, use your points to shop for merchandise like electronics, kitchenware, jewelry, and more. Redemption values tend to be on the lower end, around 0.5 to 0.8 cents per point. But with no out-of-pocket cost, it can still be a good deal!

With so many redemption choices, your Visa Infinite points can take you on an adventure or bring you a little luxury. Review all the options to make the most of your rewards!

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

One of the best perks of the Visa Infinite credit card is the complimentary airport lounge access. As a cardholder, you’ll receive unlimited access to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide. This means you can relax, recharge, and refresh before your flight at no additional cost.

Priority Pass Select Membership

Your Visa Infinite card comes with a Priority Pass Select membership, giving you access to lounges in over 500 cities and 120 countries. Look for the Priority Pass logo at participating airport lounges and you’ll gain free entry for you and up to two guests. Enjoy amenities like:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Complimentary food and drinks (including alcoholic beverages at most locations)
  • Showers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Conference rooms for business travelers

Plaza Premium Lounges

In addition to the Priority Pass network, you’ll also have access to Plaza Premium lounges around the world. Plaza Premium is one of the largest independent lounge operators with over 170 lounges in more than 50 international airports. Their lounges offer similar amenities to Priority Pass locations.

Using Your Lounge Access

To access an airport lounge, simply present your Visa Infinite credit card and a valid boarding pass for same-day travel at the lounge entrance. In some lounges, you may be required to also show a government-issued photo ID. Each cardholder is allowed to bring in two guests for no extra charge.

Taking advantage of the airport lounge access is a great way to elevate your travel experience and start your trip off on the right foot. The ability to unwind before a long flight in a comfortable, luxury space is a benefit that frequent travelers will surely appreciate. And with access to over 1,200 lounges around the globe, you’ll always have a place to relax and recharge on your journeys.

Premium Travel Perks and Discounts

One of the best benefits of the Visa Infinite card is the premium travel perks and discounts it provides. As a cardholder, you’ll enjoy:

Airport Lounge Access

Gain access to over 1,200 VIP airport lounges worldwide with Priority PassTM Select membership. Relax before your flight with complimentary snacks, drinks, showers, and more. – Bring your authorized users for free.

Global Entry or TSA PreCheck Credit

Receive up to $100 statement credit for the application fee for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Breeze through airport security and customs with the expedited clearance programs.

Luxury Hotel Benefits

Book through the Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection to get the best available rate at over 900 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. You’ll also receive valuable perks like room upgrades, dining credits, and more.

Premium Car Rental Insurance

Waive expensive insurance fees when renting a vehicle. Your Visa Infinite card provides auto rental collision damage waiver insurance for theft and damage. Just decline the rental company’s insurance and charge the entire rental fee to your card.

Travel and Emergency Assistance

Get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with emergency medical, legal, and travel assistance services. They can help arrange or pay for emergency transportation, medical referrals, medical evacuation, emergency translation services, and more.

Travel Accident Insurance

Receive accidental death and dismemberment coverage of up to $500,000 when travel tickets are purchased with your Visa Infinite card. You, your spouse, and dependent children are covered automatically when you charge your trip’s full fare to the card.

Between the airport lounge access, travel insurance, hotel benefits, and rental car coverage, your Visa Infinite card can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per trip. Take advantage of all the premium perks to make your travel experiences even more rewarding.

Exclusive Dining and Lifestyle Privileges

Visa Infinite Credit Card and Exclusive Dining and Lifestyle Privileges

The Visa Infinite credit card provides exclusive privileges for dining, travel, and lifestyle. As a cardholder, you’ll enjoy access to premium experiences typically reserved only for the most discerning clients.

Dining Privileges

Visa Infinite offers access to some of the world’s best restaurants through the Visa Infinite Dining Series. You’ll get opportunities for private dining events, meet and greets with renowned chefs, and reservations at restaurants that are normally fully booked. Some additional perks include:

  • Complimentary appetizers, desserts or wine pairings when dining at select restaurants
  • Special tasting menus and behind-the-scenes kitchen tours not available to the general public
  • Advance notice for pop-up dining events and secret suppers in your city

Luxury Hotel Privileges

As a Visa Infinite cardholder, you’ll enjoy premium benefits when booking stays at over 900 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide through the Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection. Some of the additional amenities you can expect include:

  • Room upgrades when available at check-in
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Welcome amenities such as food and beverages
  • Late check-out upon request
  • Discounts and special offers for spa, golf, and other recreational activities

Lifestyle Experiences

In addition to dining and travel, Visa Infinite provides access to exclusive arts, culture, sports, and entertainment events. You might get opportunities to:

  • Attend VIP movie premieres and screenings before the general public
  • Get backstage passes at concerts and meet your favorite musicians
  • Gain access to luxury suites and clubs at sporting events
  • Enjoy private guided tours at world-class museums after hours
  • Take part in once-in-a-lifetime adventures like driving luxury sports cars on a private track

The premium privileges and personalized experiences offered through Visa Infinite are designed to fit your discerning tastes. Take advantage of these exclusive offers to make the most of your card membership. The opportunities are endless.

Concierge Services: Your Personal Assistant

Concierge Services: Your Personal Assistant

The Visa Infinite credit card provides cardholders with a dedicated concierge service to help make life easier. This personal assistant can help you with various tasks like booking travel, making restaurant reservations, and finding tickets to events.

Travel Planning

If you’re planning a trip, the concierge service can help book your flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities. They have access to deals and perks that may not be available to the general public. Just provide the details of your desired trip and they’ll handle all the arrangements.

Dining Reservations

Trying to get a reservation at that new celebrity chef restaurant in town? The concierge service has connections to help make that happen. They can also suggest restaurants tailored to your tastes and make the booking for you. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your meal.

Event Tickets

Scoring tickets to major concerts, shows, and sporting events isn’t always easy. The concierge service has an “in” with venues and ticket brokers to help cardholders land those coveted seats. Whether you want to see your favorite band, a hit Broadway musical, or the big game, they can take care of purchasing the tickets on your behalf.

Personal Errands

Need help with everyday tasks like booking a dog walker, sending a gift, or scheduling an appointment? The concierge service can assist with those personal errands as well. They aim to save you time so you can focus on the more important things.

The Visa Infinite concierge service acts as your personal assistant for a wide range of needs. They provide cardholders with convenience and access to enhance their lifestyle. With just one quick call or message, you’ll have your own dedicated concierge ready to help make life a little bit easier.

Fees and Charges of the Visa Infinite Credit Card

Fees and Charges of the Visa Infinite Credit Card

The Visa Infinite credit card does come with certain fees to be aware of. While the card offers valuable benefits, it’s important to understand the costs to determine if the card is right for you based on your spending and payment habits.

Annual Fee

The Visa Infinite card has a $399 annual fee. This fee is charged each year, whether you use the card or not. However, the annual fee is waived for the first year. If you take advantage of the card’s many perks like airport lounge access, travel credits, and concierge service, the annual fee can be well worth it. But if you don’t use those benefits often, the fee may outweigh the value of the card for you.

Interest Rates

The Visa Infinite card has a variable APR that currently ranges from 15.99% to 24.99% based on your credit. While interest rates are on the higher end, if you pay the balance in full each month, you can avoid paying any interest charges. However, if you carry a balance from month to month, the interest charges can add up quickly. It’s best to only spend what you can afford to pay off each billing cycle.

Penalty Fees

Like most credit cards, there are fees for late or returned payments. The late fee is $39 and the returned payment fee is $39. These fees are charged if you miss or are late on a payment, or if a payment is returned unpaid. To avoid these fees, be sure to pay at least the minimum amount due on time each month.

Foreign Transaction Fees

A big perk of the Visa Infinite card is no foreign transaction fees on purchases made outside the U.S. This can save you up to 3% per transaction versus other credit cards. If you frequently travel abroad or shop on international websites, this benefit alone can offset much of the annual fee.

To summarize, while the Visa Infinite card does come with a high annual fee and interest rates, many of the costs can be avoided by using the card responsibly and taking advantage of its many benefits. For the right cardholder, the rewards and perks of Visa Infinite far outweigh the fees. But it may not be the most budget-friendly choice if you don’t maximize the card’s premium features.

FAQs: Most Common Questions About the Visa Infinite Credit Card

What is the annual fee for the Visa Infinite Credit Card?

The Visa Infinite Credit Card does come with a $450 annual fee. While this may seem steep, the many benefits and perks can easily offset this cost if you utilize them. Some of the major perks include:

  • Airport lounge access: Enjoy access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide. Each visit can save you $30-$50 in food/drinks.
  • Travel credits: Receive up to $250 in annual travel credits for baggage fees, seat upgrades, etc.
  • Luxury gifts: Get access to exclusive gifts, experiences and offers through the Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection.

If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, the additional travel perks and rewards can make the annual fee worthwhile. However, if you don’t travel often or don’t see yourself using many of the card benefits, a card with no annual fee may suit you better.

What is the interest rate on the Visa Infinite Credit Card?

The Visa Infinite Credit Card has a variable APR that is currently 19.99% on purchases and balance transfers. The APR may increase or decrease each month based on the prime rate. This APR only applies if you don’t pay your full balance each month. We always recommend paying on time and in full to avoid interest charges.

Are there any foreign transaction fees?

No, the Visa Infinite Credit Card does not charge any foreign transaction fees on purchases made outside the U.S. This is ideal if you frequently travel abroad or make purchases from international companies. Foreign transaction fees can be up to 3% of each transaction, so waiving them is a valuable benefit.

What are the rewards and how do they work?

You’ll earn 3 points for every $1 spent on travel and dining, and 1 point per $1 on all other purchases. Points can be redeemed for travel, cash back, gift cards and more. Every 100 points equals $1 in value. Points do not expire as long as your account remains open.

Some of the best ways to redeem your points include:

  • Flights: Book flights with no blackout dates or restrictions. Points are worth 1 cent each.
  • Hotels: Use your points to book hotel stays through the Chase travel portal. Points are worth 1 cent each.
  • Cash back: Redeem points for cash back at a rate of 1 cent per point. Cash back is deposited directly into your account.
  • Gift cards: Points can be redeemed for gift cards to popular stores and restaurants like Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks and more. Most gift cards are 1 cent per point.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Visa Infinite credit card. With premium travel benefits, rewards, and perks galore, this card aims to make your life more rewarding. The high annual fee may give some pause, but if you can take full advantage of all the card offers, it can be well worth it. At the end of the day, you need to evaluate your own spending and lifestyle to determine if this card is the right fit for you. If luxury travel, dining, and entertainment are priorities in your life, the Visa Infinite credit card could make the perfect travel companion to help you get the most out of your adventures. The ball is in your court now—will you take the plunge into the world of premium credit cards? The rewards await!

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